Go ahead, take that nice long shower.

DrySee’s color-changing waterproof bandage alerts you if water gets in. Keep living your life with Visibly Better Protection.

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More and more publications and organizations are sharing the news about DrySee's ability to help people heal in a smarter way. Read for yourself!


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Available in 3 bandage sizes. Choose the size that’s right for you!

The DrySee absorbent pad incorporates a nonwoven gauze containing 100% USP Cotton cleaned without the use of chlorine. Developed and produced in the USA.


Patients and professionals LOVE DrySee.

We love hearing back from patients and professionals. Below are a few examples.


“After a cycling accident, I needed a great waterproof bandage. I showered every day with confidence, and DrySee lasted 4 days before I noticed the DrySee outer band color change. I knew when to change my bandage and will never use regular waterproof bandages again!”

Craig Foy
Dallas, TX


I use DrySee after several types of office procedures – they allow my patients to shower and not worry about their incisions. We both love them!

Dr Rick Ngo
Houston, TX


Following my wife’s knee surgery, I discovered DrySee wound protection. My wife was
able to shower immediately, with no plastic wraps or garbage bags needed to protect the wound!

Michael Robinson
Houston, TX

Visibly Better Protection


Seal & Heal

DrySee seals out water and germs with a clear, flexible, non-latex adhesive and non-stick absorbent pad.


Waterproof Verified

DrySee’s color changing liquid intrusion perimeter and pad allows visibility that the wound is protected.


Confidence in Healing

Available in multiple sizes, DrySee’s patented long lasting wound protection promotes healing and alerts you if water gets in.

See why it's time to change your bandage to DrySee

Visibly better protection.

After surgery your life can feel like it’s on pause while you take the time to heal and recuperate. DrySee’s waterproof bandages give you your sense of control back. Studies show that lowering stress helps with healing, so let DrySee be a part of your recovery.