4×4 Pad Dressing

4×4 Pad Dressing


DrySee®’s 4×4 +Pad Dressing is ideal for mid-sized wounds, cuts, and post-surgery incisions that need to be kept covered and dry. The perimeter liquid intrusion indicator on the waterproof bandage allows the wearer or caretaker to see if the bandage has been compromised from outside moisture. The inner pad liquid indicator will change color to alert that it has become saturated from wound fluid. Bandages can be worn for up to 4 days with no liquid indication. Contact your medical professional for wound care instructions.

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Waterproof Clear Film

Thanks to the clear film and unique Perimeter Protection Indicator, patients can avoid getting water in their bandage and on their wound while showering and bathing, and quickly change the bandage if it becomes compromised.


Non-Adherent Liquid Bandage 

DrySee bandages use a, sterile, non-adhering cotton center pad that provides absorption for low exudate wounds and is built with liquid indicating technology.

The center pad will change color upon saturation. When wound exudate saturates the pad, it will turn from a light blue to a darker blue, signaling that it is time to replace the bandage.

An additional layer of protection is offered by the Perimeter Protection Indicator. This perimeter band of liquid i